Physical Therapy Assistant Program Length

Physical Therapist Assistant Wytheville Community College

Physical therapist assistant program teaches techniques to help improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit physical disabilities of patients.

Concorde's Physical Therapist Assistant program can prepare you to apply your passion daily as a physical therapist assistant, supporting therapy treatment and plans. Find the program that's nearest you, learn requirements and get started on a new career today.

Choosing a Physical Therapist Assistant Degree Program. Physical Therapist Assistant programs are two-year (5 semesters) Associate of Science (AS) programs offered through community colleges, technical schools, and traditional universities and colleges.

Physical therapist assistant curriculum differs from that of the physical therapist and does not provide the needed prerequisites required for physical therapist education. However, if you do decide to become a PT after you are an experienced PTA, you may want to enter an accredited PTA-to-PT program.

Complete a minimum of 10 hours of physical therapy observation or work experience during the last 12 months before entering core. The 10 hours observation must consist of 5 hours in a Skilled Nursing Facility (nursing home) and 5 hours in a Physical Therapy Outpatient Clinic. Program Outline

In many States, physical therapist assistants are required by law to hold at least an associate degree. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, there were 233 accredited physical therapist assistant programs in the United States as of 2006. Accredited programs usually last 2 years, or 4 semesters, and culminate in an associate

Physical Therapist Assistant Wytheville Community College
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