Pain After Physical Therapy

Valley Medical Center Rehabilitation After Joint Replacement

Your physical therapy program may start with passive treatments, but the goal is to get into active treatments. These are therapeutic exercises that strengthen your body and help you deal with the chronic pain. Passive physical therapy treatments include: Deep Tissue Massage: This technique targets spasms and chronic muscle tension that perhaps builds up through daily life stress. You could also have spasms or muscle tension because of strains or sprains.

It's not realistic to think you'll be completely out of pain BEFORE heading to see your physical therapist. However, you can use "The Comfort Zone" seamlessly with your current physical therapy program. Just use it AFTER physical therapy to get relief in your knee AFTER you put your knee in pain at the PT appointment.

Radiating pain: Pain after therapy radiating down the leg to the knee is most likely related to nerve irritation. I suggest you go back into the physician who referred you to physical therapy and be reassessed.

Physical Therapy and Cancer Pain; Exercise and Cancer Pain; Physical Therapy and Cancer Pain The goal of physical therapy is to relieve pain, increase range of motion, and restore muscle strength. Physical therapy will teach you to take good care of your body even after you leave the physical therapist's office.

Physical therapy and exercise is considered an important part of most back pain patients' treatments, including those undergoing non-surgical and surgical care. This is because patients with low back pain are most likely to recover when the patient is in optimum physical condition.

Let's look at 3 common pain producers in physical therapy: 1. overworked muscles. The most common cause for increased pain in therapy is due to an overworked muscle. A patient will come into the clinic with no complaints of pain. The patient will workout under supervision of the therapist and leave the clinic feeling fine.

Valley Medical Center Rehabilitation After Joint Replacement
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