How Is Occupational Therapy Different From Physical Therapy

Exploring Occupational Therapy : Occupational Therapy vs. Speech and Physical Therapy

Like physical therapy, activities and methodologies of occupational therapy deal not just with the physical impairments. Instead, they focus on social, environmental and physiological factors that get affected due to the disability of the patient.

Essentially, anytime someone can't do the things they want or need to do in life, an occupational therapist is there to help. Physical Therapy. The main difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy is that a physical therapist is principally concerned with treating the source of an injury, as opposed to managing the fallout resulting from that injury.

While physical therapy aims to increase mobility and function, occupational therapy is focused on helping people live as independently as possible. There is some overlap between the two; several methods of physical therapy are used as part of occupational therapy.

The most important difference is that occupational therapy is much broader in scope than physical therapy. PT is primarily utilized to rehabilitate physical, emotional and social abilities through physical exercises like range of motion, ultrasound treatments and strengthening exercises.

Occupational therapy and physical therapy are similar in some ways and different in others. The goal of physical therapy is to help people recover from injuries, regain movement or relieve pain. Occupational therapy focuses on skills needed for daily living.

9 Best Occupational Therapy Specialties to Choose From 1. Gerontology (BCG) According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, Gerontology Occupational Therapists work with elderly "people in their homes, their workplaces, their communities, or in facilities." There are a number of reasons the aging population is in need of OT services:

Exploring Occupational Therapy : Occupational Therapy vs. Speech and Physical Therapy
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