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McKenzie Method: Cervical Exercises - WITH VIDEOS! :) PT Life Pinterest Exercise, Neck

Cervical stenosis is a narrowing of the cervical spinal canal. This narrowing of the spinal canal may result in compression of the spinal cord and/or the nerve roots and affect the function of the spinal cord or the nerve, which may cause symptoms associated with cervical radiculopathy or cervical myelopathy.

N E C K P A I N DESCRIPTION: There are many different reasons for developing neck pain. Not only can the pain be present in the neck itself, but symptoms such as headaches or pain, tingling, and/or numbness into the upper extremity, can be related to the neck.

Important: If you have had an accident that started your neck pain or if you have pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in your arm that is worsening, you should see your physician before starting any exercises. The Importance of Exercise for the Neck. Spine experts agree that physical activity is important for people with neck pain.

Exercises: Neck Stretches. 1. Upper Trapezius Stretch: Sit up tall with good posture keeping shoulders down. Grasp the bottom of the seat with one hand. Slightly turn your ear to your shoulder until a comfortable stretch is felt on the opposite side of the neck. Hold that position for 20 seconds. Repeat to each side 3 times.

Physical Therapy for Cervical Spinal Stenosis . Cervical spinal stenosis is a condition that most commonly affects individuals over the age of 50, and has the ability to lead to debilitating symptoms if it's not treated properly.

Video Series: Exercises for Cervical Spine Degenerative Disc Disease These 3 neck stretches and exercises may help you relieve pain and stiffness related to cervical degenerative disc disease.

McKenzie Method: Cervical Exercises - WITH VIDEOS! :) PT Life Pinterest Exercise, Neck
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